Wing Chun
Because of the way it was developed, Wing Chun starts with a rather unique stance for strength training and stability. Kin Yin Ma Bu is the basic stance which means “bent knee stance.” Because this style was developed with narrow passages like alley ways and boats in mind, the stance itself is no wider than your own shoulders. Hand drills are of a side punch similar to a straight punch but the knuckles are pointed out instead of up. Elbows are pulled in and punches are done in fast repetition to build speed and accuracy of the punches. Later you slightly twist the stance and walk with it similar to Hsing I except the movements are shorter and faster.

Wing Chun was developed by a Buddhist Nun named Ng Mui, one of the only Gung Fu experts to escape the Shaolin Temple when it was burned by the Manchus. The style of Wing Chun has been kept very private until recently. Yip Man is credited as the innovator of the Hong Kong Style of Wing Chun, and taught such famous students as Bruce Lee. As made famous by Bruce Lee, the Wing Chun stylist uses a close in-fighting tactic with rapid strikes to vital areas. This style is hand oriented, but also makes use of low kicks, using speed and power to destroy the opponent from a close range. The forms that are taught in Wing Chun teach many blocks and strikes that if applied correctly can be very effective.

At Sil Lum Kung Fu Kwoon, we are dedicated to help the student develop strong, efficient Gung Fu. Sifu Snyder’s dedication to his teacher, teachers Sifu Bill Smith and Sifu Eddie Camden ensures that all techniques are taught properly in the traditional sense. Sifu Camden is the student of Francis Fong disciple of Grandmaster Jiu Wan. The Sil Lum Kung Fu Club Kwoon is a traditional Gung Fu School representing Sifu Kim Hainline (Hung Gar), Sifu Eddie Chong (Wing Chun), Fushan Wing Chun (Sacto, CA); and Sifu James McNeil (Hsing-I), Nine Little Heaven Internal Martial Arts (LA,CA). Sifu Smith is an advisor to the United States Wushu-Kungfu Federation Headquarters (Baltimore,MD).