Tai Chi

T’ai chi ch’uan translates as “Supreme Ultimate Fist” and is the second internal style taught at our school. Tai Chi can be used as an exercise for health benefits, as well as a useful Martial Art.


While it is often practiced with slow movement, Tai chi also has secondary forms of faster pace. Tai chi is the practice of health, balance, and meditation.

At the Sil Lum Kung Fu Kwoon, we are dedicated to helping the student develop strong, efficient Gung Fu. Sifu Snyder’s dedication to his teachers, Si Gung Smith, Si Gung Kim Hainline, ensures that all techniques are taught properly in the traditional sense. Si Gung Hainline is a disciple of Si Gung John Leong (Sil Lum Gung Fu Club, Seattle, WA). The Sil Lum Kung Fu Kwoon is a traditional gung fu school representing Sifu Kim Hainline (Hung Gar), Sil Lum Club (Roy, UT); Sifu Eddie Chong (Wing Chun), Fushan Wing Chun (Sacto., CA), and Sifu James McNeil (Hsing-I), Nine Little Heaven Internal Martial Arts (LA, CA). Sifu Smith is an advisor to the United States Wushu-Kungfu Federation Headquarters (Baltimore, MD).