Hung Gar
hung_gar_black Our Primary dicipline is Hung Gar kung fu and boasts some of the more famous martial artist that have been portrayed in books, movies, and stories the world wide. One of the most famous people of Hung Gar was Wong Fei Hung. Wong Fei Hung was one of the 10 tigers of china. This means that the man was virtually unbeatable by any martial means due to his diligence in practice and his understanding of the body. Some of the less accurate but more famous portrayal of Wong Fei Hung can be seen in the movie series “Once upon a time in China”, all of which star Jet Li. Jet Li’s style in the movies is a style called Wushu which truely means that he practices the standardized “Martial Diciplines” after the cultural revolution in China. The Hung Gar style is one of these that lived past that revolution and is a foundation for the modern wushu you see in movies today.Hung Gar was developed by Hung Tsi-kuan (pronounced Gung See Kwan), an eighteenth century boxer that devoted his life to the practice of Gung Fu. He was schooled in Gung Fu by the Abbot Chee Sin whose boxing system was primarily based upon the Tiger style. It included vigorous and strong hand techniques as well as dynamic tension exercises, low kicks, precise leaping and stepping movements. Hung was also schooled in Crane style boxing by Fang Yung-chun, who later became his wife. The Crane boxing system stressed one legged stances, pecking, wing and beak attacks, as well as short and long fist movements. Hung Tsi-kuan is said to have combined the best movements from each system which eventually became known as: Hung Kuen, Fu Hok Pai. The combined Tiger-Crane Pugilism of teacher Hung. His students and his students’ students have faithfully perpetuated this system throughout the centuries. It has also become known as the Five Formed Fist System because of the system\’s extensive use of the Five Animals and the Five Elements of Chinese Cosmology.

At the Sil Lum Kung Fu Kwoon, we are dedicated to helping the student develop strong, efficient Gung Fu. Sifu Snyder’s dedication to his teachers, Si Gung Smith, Si Gung Kim Hainline, ensures that all techniques are taught properly in the traditional sense. Si Gung Hainline is a disciple of Si Gung John Leong (Sil Lum Gung Fu Club, Seattle, WA). The Sil Lum Kung Fu Kwoon is a traditional gung fu school representing Sifu Kim Hainline (Hung Gar), Sil Lum Club (Roy, UT); Sifu Eddie Chong (Wing Chun), Fushan Wing Chun (Sacto., CA), and Sifu James McNeil (Hsing-I), Nine Little Heaven Internal Martial Arts (LA, CA). Sifu Smith is an advisor to the United States Wushu-Kungfu Federation Headquarters (Baltimore, MD).