Hsing I

Hsing-I (pronounced Shing ee) is one of our more mystical arts because it is what is known as an internal martial art. The famous general Yue Fei is thought to have founded the art if Hsing I for his officers as a powerful way to eliminate any foe with one blow. This style uses all of the chinese elements of fire, water, earth, wood and metal. This style also uses over 17 animals and combines them in the more advanced forms. The main form of practice for this style is done in a straight line since the founder trained his troops using spears.

Hsing I is practice a different set of basics. With most martial arts you start with a basic stance and basic block and punch techniques. The most common of these is a horse stance with an inside block and straight punch. Hsing I was developed for advanced fighters and officers so you start with a basic walking technique and a not so basic blocking technique called Ba Buo Da. There are several basics but they are all practiced with the same walking technique.

Hsing-I is a mystical Taoist boxing art based on the five elements and twelve animals. As one of the classical internals, it is dedicated to uniting the mind with the body. If done correctly, Hsing-I will promote good health and long life, but if done incorrectly it can cause harm to the practitioner. Unlike the other internal arts, Hsing-I is meant to be done with great speed. This is a very dangerous and effective martial art, based on strong powerful strikes. Many stories abound about Hsing-I masters. Tales of fighters who have killed over forty men in challenge matches, or masters who could send an opponent back several feet with a slap of the hand, or the master who could jump eight feet into the air at any given moment. The practitioner of Hsing-I must work hard to master the art. It is said that a person can learn the movements of Hsing-I very quickly, but the art will take a lifetime to master.

The Hsing-I taught at the Sil Lum Kung Fu Kwoon is traditional and remains so because of Sifu Snyder’s dedication to his teacher, Sifu Smith. Although there are not many forms within the style, there is much to be learned from their continual practice. Hsing-I is a beautiful art that will compliment any previous training or form a very strong base as a first martial art. The Sil Lum Kung Fu Kwoon is a traditional Gung Fu School representing Sifu Kim Hainline (Hung Gar), Sil Lum Club (Roy, Ut); Sifu Eddie Camden (Wing Chun), E.N.C. Martial Arts Concepts (S.L.C., Ut.); and Sifu James McNeil (Hsing-I), Nine Little Heaven Internal Martial Arts (LA,CA). Sifu Smith is an advisor to the United States Wushu-Kungfu Federation Headquarters (Baltimore, MD).