Si Gung Bill Smith

I started my journey about 35 years ago. I’d like to state it was a journey that has brought me much recognition and been extremely rewarding. My school has been embraced by the community and been recognized by many to turnout top quality students. I´d like to take credit for this but I believe it has come about because of the top quality teachers I’ve been fortunate to train with. These teachers with much patience and diligence worked with this disciple. They taught me to honor and respect all martial styles and all those that choose the martial path. It is with great pride that I now recognize and honor these teachers.

    Kenpo Karate:

  • Sensei Ray Godin, Master Ed Parker IKKA
  • Sensei David Lynton, Fred Viallaris Studio of Self Defense
    Hung Gar Kung Fu:

  • Si Fu Steve Mallen Sui Lum Pai Kung Fu Assoc., Master Bucksam Kong Sui Lum Pai Kung Fu Assoc., Si Fu Kim Hainline, Seattle Kung Fu Club of Si Fu John Leong. Si Fu Wing Lam, Ha Say Fu Hung Gar Kung Fu
    Wing Chun Kung Fu:

  • Si fu Malcolm Lee and Si fu Eddie Chong, Sacramento Wing Chun and Bak Mei Association
  • Si fu Eddie Camden, Master Frances Fong, Wing Chun Association
    Hsing I:

  • Sensei Casey Clayton, Master Ed Parker IKKA
  • Si Fu Brennan Jensen, Fu Ying Studio
  • Master James Mc Neil, Little Nine Heaven Internal Kung Fu School
    Jiu Jitsu:

  • Professor Pedro Sauer, Gracie Jiu Jitsu


Advisor to the USA Wushu Kung Fu Association.
Teacher of the Year.
Numerous awards from the Asian Community of Utah.
Numerous awards from the Salt Lake Community College as the Senior Chinese Martial Arts Instructor of Wing Chun, Hung Gar, and Tai Chi.
Best Performing Arts Group of Chinese Lion Dancing and Kung Fu Demo
Best Kung fu Utah 2008 by City Weekly Newspaper.

Without a doubt, my greatest reward is to watch my students achieve a level of excellence in both their personal lives and kung fu training. They dedicate numerous hours to community service with little or no recognition. To this, I say thank you.

Si Gung Bill Smith
Founder of Sil Lum Kung Fu Kwoon